The concept of Aussie & Co was very simple, it was to help me stay active after I retired.  Our Fur Babies are not a business, but rather each a well-loved pets & friend.  I realized when I brought each one home that I was accepting responsibility of caring for them, not only making sure they are happy and well-loved, but this is a lifetime responsibilityI got my first Australian Shepherd and everything changed. His name was Sammy, and it was love at first sight for me. After Sammy came Sofie, then Axle and Tessa. As of March 2020 we added Molly and Zola to our mom's, which we had since they were 8 weeks old. August of 2022 Reese will be a fall 2022 mom. Yogi is our new summer dad, Axle's son and is married to Zoe.  All of our puppies go to loving homes where they will be well cared for and valued for life. We are a family business, starting with myself the owner, my youngest daughter, Cory, who is my business partner even started her first Aussie with Lavy and her mom is Sofie.  Cory's daughter, Lexy, my granddaughter is involved in the art/designs/training/and even naming the company.  Cory recently got married and now my son-in-law, Jeremiah, has become a partner.  We are a family business! Below is my phone number and the link for the puppy application.